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With the growing number of cases of Coronavirus in the UK, more and more pressure is being put on our NHS. In a bid to help, Humanity First UK prepared and distributed 150 meals for staff at Homerton University Hospital in Hackney, London. The hot meals were prepared by AMA UK East Region for the NHS staff working at the hospital in A&E and the intensive care unit; which were delivered by our volunteers on Thursday 9 April 2020.

Meals packed and ready to go

The staff told us about the many changes that are having to be made in hospitals due to Coronavirus demands. In this stressful time for NHS staff, we were told how the continued support from people really helps the staff through their long hours. All the staff were extremely grateful for the food Humanity First delivered, with a few cheers given upon our arrival.

We would like to again say a huge thank you to the staff at Homerton University Hospital, and to all NHS staff across the UK. We will do our best to continue to support you as best as we can.

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