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Humanity First have continued to work hard over the weekend, in the UK we are continuing to support people through the National Coronavirus Support line. Our volunteers have also been working with Batley Food Bank, who provide vital daily essentials to vulnerable people in and around Batley, and our partners are working across the country to help people unable to leave their homes with vital deliveries of food and medicine. Our global relief efforts also continue:


Over the weekend, our teams in France have continued to distribute relief supplies across Paris including food and blankets to the homeless. They have also been delivering food packs to clinical teams to help them through their long hours of work. In Sweden, helping the homeless on the streets of Gothenburg continues to be the main focus. Humanity First Sweden is actively supporting the community in Stockholm, Malmo and Gothenburg by delivering food to those in need and to medical staff to keep their energy up. Humanity First Belgium are starting their own food bank and have started collecting food to distribute to those in need.

North America

Food Bank in Canada packing food for vulnerable people

The Humanity First food bank in Canada covers the greater Toronto area and volunteers are continuing to work around the clock to support those struggling to cope in this crisis. In the USA, the Humanity First team are collecting medical supplies in order to distribute them to hospitals that are in dire need of more protective equipment. Many states have also set up food pantries to help those struggling in this challenging time.


The Humanity First team in India have been working tirelessly to continue to deliver food and essentials to those struggling in the lockdown; loading food trucks for deliveries and handing out food packs to those in need. They have been going door-to-door, trying to reach as many households as possible to deliver supplies and keep people inside where it’s safe. In Kerala, our team have been providing warm drinks and snacks to the health department’s cleaning staff, to help them in their arduous task. Humanity First has also produced 17,870 bottles of hand sanitiser for free delivery, with leaflets on how to stay safe. In many parts of Indonesia, our team is distributing hand sanitiser and guiding people on how to stay safe.


Hand Sanitiser point in Uganda

The Humanity First hospital in Benin has taken measures to keep functioning through the Corona crisis, working with the national health cluster. With permission of local authorities, Humanity First Mauritius are preparing and distributing emergency food packs to communities, fully prepped in their protective gear to keep people safe. In Uganda the team are creating hand sanitiser stations at community locations and reminding people of the need for hand washing to combat the virus.

With many countries beginning to struggle with supplies of essentials such as food and medicine, Humanity First is committed to helping those affected around the world.

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